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Text For Free Advice

ADVICE is: –noun 1. an opinion or recommendation offered as a guide to action, conduct, etc.: I shall act on your advice. 2. a communication, esp. from a distance, containing information: ADVICE from abroad informs us that the government has fallen. Recent diplomatic advices have been ominous. 3. an official notification, esp. one pertaining to a business agreement: an overdue advice. Based on the Random House Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2009 ADVICE is also: The one and only free texting service that provides direct access to the resources and skills of professionals from across the United States via text message. Our "Texters" need only ask for a highly regarded professional from any profession, in their area, via text message to the short-code ADVICE and ADVICE will answer the request via text within seconds. *Please note, at this juncture, ADVICE is limiting its service to lawyers, until such time as we have set up additional panels of experts. Once additional panels are ready, same will be added to our service.



Caregivers in Phoenix Arizona

Helping all ages to manage their daily needs when life is a little challenging. American Focus Care Inc. is there to help! Call us today and we will send you one of our experience, reliable, professional and caring Caregivers in Phoenix Arizona. Our Caregivers are licensed, bonded, insured and go through background checks. CPR / First Aid / Emergency Alert / Fingerprint Clearance.



Senior Living Recruiters, Skilled Nursing and Assisted Living

Senior Living Recruiters provides executive search services to the senior housing and eldercare industries. Headquartered in the Chicago suburbs, our goal is to match exceptional senior living executives with clients in need of top-notch executive talent. We work on a national basis with large and small senior living providers including independent living, assisted living, skilled nursing, CCRCs, and related services. Senior Living Recruiters, Inc. was started by Brad Wachter, a former regional director in the luxury senior living business. Brad worked for a premier owner and manager of senior living communities and soon discovered the difficulty of identifying the right candidates for key roles including executive directors, sales executives, healthcare leaders, and regional operations positions. Now Senior Living Recruiters, Inc. works hard to solve these talent problems in the senior living industry across the country.



Solid Waste Management Miami-Dade County Florida

Alternative Waste Solutions is a full-service solid waste & recycling management company committed to representing the best interest of our customers. We are experts in the field of solid waste & recycling. We are consultants, managers and brokers and we use this powerful combination of experience and skill to ensure that our customers are receiving the very best service available and latest technology at the lowest cost possible. In order to best serve our customers we utilize a three step procedure.



Fire and flood restoration/cleaning - Carpet and upholstery cleaning - tile and grout remediation

Fire and Flood Force offers the following Services : Fire Restoration and Cleaning, SOOT and SMOKE Damage Control, WATER and MOLD Damage Control, ODOR CONTROL & VANDALISM, CRIME AND TRAUM SCENE CLEANUP, POST CONSTRUCTION CLEANUP, CARPET AND UPHOLSTERY CLEANING, Tile and Grout Remediation/Cleaning, PAINTING SERVICES, BOARD UPS AND Securing DISTRESSED PROPERTY



Christian Bankruptcy, Divorce, Church, Business Attorney - Church and Ministry Legal Matters

The Law Offices of Pam Archibald is a law firm that is Christian based, I represent all clients but market to Christians and churches, and pastors, etc. I also represent people who are not Christians also. I practice law in the areas of bankruptcy & foreclosure, divorce, child custody, child support, domestic violence, corporate litigation, business contract disputes, civil litigation, church and ministry legal matters.

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